Some Tips About Scoliosis

Pilates is good for many conditions and scoliosis is one of them. Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine and can be very painful. If you're posture is slightly lopsided with uneven shoulders and back pain you could be suffering from the condition.
If you have scoliosis then know that you're not alone. Over 8 million people in the USA have the condition and millions in the UK too. It can be uncomfortable and in some cases it can be an emotional strain in addition to a physical one. Even at a young age, the sufferer's posture can be affected and other children and adults will notice. It's not an easy condition to live with, but it is possible to improve it by doing regular exercises to strengthen the muscles that support the spine.
Scoliosis can be caused by arthritic spinal degeneration or congenital conditions. It can affect otherwise healthy people, sufferers include Princess Eugenie and the athlete Usain Bolt. It can also affect people who have conditions such as cerebral palsy.
Pilates can help by building up the muscles that support the spine. When the musculoskeletal system is out of kilter, then it's important to build flexibility, strength and improve the posture.
How Pilates can help with Scoliosis
As scoliosis begins to have a negative effect on the muscles that support the spine, it cannot support your body as well as it once did. Although Pilates won't be able to correct the curve in your spine, it can do a lot to strengthen the muscles and you won't have to endure the same amount of pain.
It can also help you to have a better posture. This will also give you less pain. Regular practice will enable you to be more aware of your posture and of the alignment of your spine. You'll be able to better adjust your posture to rebalance the body.
Some Pilates Poses that can help with Scoliosis
Pilates poses will tone and stretch the muscles around the spine. By practising Pilates regularly you'll be able to prevent or slow down disc degenerations.
It's recommended that the poses and exercises that are given most focus by the scoliosis sufferer are those that will balance each side of the pelvis and trunk area.
Try these poses for the best effects:
- Straw - The spider - Stretch with pole - The Hundred - modified - The Roll Up - Back extension with the exercise ball
After doing these exercises regularly - for example at least 3 times per week, the muscles around the spine will strengthen and less pain will be felt by the Scoliosis sufferer. Over a period of time, the posture will also be improved.
Please note that those who have already undergone spinal fusion surgery shouldn't do these Pilates exercises until further research has gone into whether it does any damage or not.
   - via Thomon Wardle