Causes Of Sinus Blockage

The latin term sinus means a bay, pocket or curve. Sinus is a cavity sack or cluster of tissues which is caused by the degradation of tissues. The body has air cavities connecting near the nose, which when blocked can build up germs and bacteria and cause the nasal membrane linings to be infected. If ignored and untreated, the inflammation of these cavity tissues can turn into chronic infections eventually affecting the chest and lungs in the body. According to a study, it is revealed that approximately 37 million people in the U.S. alone suffer from sinus each year.

What Causes Sinus Blockage?
Sinus can be very persistent and annoying, however, to know what causes it might be able to help in avoiding this nasty misery. Although surprisingly most of the causes for sinus blockage are common yet tricky, it is also avoidable with little awareness.
  • Viruses: Viruses are the main cause for common cold and this cold can lead to severe sinus infections. Taking antibiotics during this time is not going to help much as they only kill the bacteria in the infection and not the actual virus causing it. Using a decongestant might be a better idea.

  • Allergens and Pollutants: If your body is allergic to anything or reacts to dust, mould, mites, etc., it's best to keep away from them, as allergies have a tendency to aggravate sinus.

  • Bacteria: Well no surprise here, but if a cold is prolonged by 10-15 days, chances are that bacteria has sneaked up on your system and might have a big hand in increasing and complicating your sinus.

  • Polyps: Polyps are small ingrowths in the nasal and sinus tissues that can block the nose and prevent the mucus to flow out, thereby aggravating the condition.

  • Swimming: Swimming pools are chlorinated and chlorine can irritate the sinus and naval lining making it worse.

  • Flights: Travelling by flight although a convenient option can surprisingly be one of the reasons for that increase in sinus attacks. The air pressure of the cabins is low and this can lead to more blockages of the nasal cavities.

  • Fungi: Although a very unusual cause of infections, sinus can occur even in the healthiest of people due to fungi. If your immune system is vulnerable chances of fungal infection are high.

  • Overusing Nasal Products: While nasal products help to decongest your system and help you to breathe freely, overusing these products can turn your tissues immune to the effects of it. If your body gets used to such products due to constant use, it loses the sensitivity and does not react in the same manner.

  • Smoking: As much as smoking is harmful to lungs, it is equally harmful for sinus. The pollutants in the smoke congest the nasal tissues along with the lungs, causing serious aggravation.

  • Dry Air: If you spend most of your days inside air-conditioned buildings, there are chances of sinus inflammation due to lack of moisture.
    - via Stefano Grossi