Home Remedies for Toe Nail Fungus and Peeling Nail

It is otherwise termed as Onychomycosis, which is produced by small insects that produce infections in finger and toe nails. Since the fungus occurs down the nails it is hard to apply medicines for cure. People remaining at moist, dark and warm climates experience the same. Also people who constantly close their foot with shoes in warm climates have fungal infections in toenails.
Causes for Toenail fungus:
Fungus occurs in toenails more often than in fingernails. Fungus breeds more in toenails making it more ultimate for the occurrence. The below list mentions the causes:
  • A small split in the nails allowing the fungus to gain entry
  • If you wear close and tight shoes nails become weak
  • Using the same pair of shoes daily making it wet
  • Cut nails alone and do not cut even small pieces of skin where fungus can gain entry and even spread
  • Moist in foot for extended hours also increase the chance
Indications of toenail fungus:
We can see the symptoms as below:
  1. Peeling toenails
  2. Fragile toenails
  3. Chipping of toenails
  4. Spots and tinge appearing on nails in yellow, brown or black colors
  5. if there is a bad smell from your toenail
  6. Fungal infection creates a pain that is stinging
  7. Nails becoming thick and giving pain when we wear shoes
Home remedies:
We will discuss certain home remedies in this article. It is necessary that we do not allow the fungus to spread since it is infectious.
Add Vinegar and warm water in same proportions in a bowl and immerse your feet for about 20 mins. Dry your feet and nails with a good absorbent paper and also with a dry cloth. Perform this exercise both in the morning and evening until the symptoms vanish.
Tea Tree oil:
It is more useful as an antiseptic and an essential fungicide. It is given the Tea Tree and is natural. You can soak the ball of cotton in the oil and gently rub the same over the affected area. Practice this twice or even thrice a day until the fungus vanishes.
It is a mouthwash and an antiseptic for fungal infections. Dip the toenails for about 20 mins daily twice everyday.
Rubbing Alcohol:
This liquid is available in pharmaceuticals which is also an antiseptic. Soak your toenails for 20 mins daily twice everyday morning and night. Use a dry cloth or good absorbent papers to dry your leg.
Hydrogen Peroxide ( 3% ):
The above chemical is available in all pharmaceuticals. Dip your feet 20mins daily twice everyday morning and night. If you feel harsh with this chemical mix half bowl water and dip your feet. Use a towel or good absorbent paper to dry the same.
Vicks Voporub:
There is no evidence of cure with this medicine. It rather stops the spread of the infection and does not remove it altogether.