7 Health Problems Human Intestinal Worms Will Cause

You Have Human Intestinal Worms If:

1) You have constipationLabels
2) Stomach Bloating
3) Disease
4) Health Problems
5) Asthma
6) Diarrhea
7) Digestive Disorders
8) Fatigue
9) Low Immune System
10) Nervousness
11) Skin Rashes
12) Anemia

We can become infected with parasite from everywhere. They are in the air we breath, the water we drink and the food we eat. We can also become infected by mosquito bites, or even through our nose and our skin. People can also be infected by parasites through certain types of sexual conduct. Children are also at risk of checking some form of parasites.

Human Intestinal Worms and Health Problems:
1) They steal our nutrients. The parasites or worms live off our nutrients and cause a lot of harm and make us sick.
2) Eat our food. They eat and live off our food. Instead of we receiving nutrients from the food we eat, our nutrient go straight to them.
3) Eat us. The parasites can even eat us. The worms with teeth can actually start eating at our organs and borrowing holes where ever they want.
4) Under-nourished. Some of us that have these worms are usually under-nourished and weak.
5) Chemical Poisoning. People with these parasites have chemical and metal poisoning.
6) Cause us to have viral, bacterial and fungus infections.
7) Improper Bowel Movements. These parasites excrete many harmful toxins in us, which in turn these excretions turn into a hard plaque, coating the colon walls or blocking them entirely. If you are already constipated, it only makes the matter worse. The build-up of fecal mater is accumulated on colon walls and this is the perfect environment for parasites to live in. We are actually only becoming poisoned by all these harmful toxins.