5 Home Remedies to Dark Circle under Eyes

Why Dark Circles

Test for Dark Circles
If the dark color below your eye disappears when you stretch the skin in that area, then you could be losing fat and need plumping. 

Visible blood vessels are the second type of dark circles and people with pale, translucent skin tend to get affected by dark circle problem. Fairer complexions tend to have thinner skin surrounding the eyes, which allows the blue vessels to peek through.

A Doctor Said "Unfortunately, the only thing you can do here is apply a concealer every day".

Simple Natural 5 Step Remedy to Dark Circle Below Eye

Cucumber Juice

Apply cucumber juice, for say, 10-15 minutes and then wash off your eyes with plain water. This will help in reducing eye-stress.

Tomato Juice

Drink tomato juice with a few mint leaves added to it at least twice a day and see the change.

Cool Tea Bags

Cool Tea Bags Over Eye

Cooled tea bags too help a lot in revitalizing the area under your eyes.

Almond Milk

Apply a paste of almonds mixed with milk on the dark area around your eyes. This will lighten up your skin.

Potato Juice

Applying a mixture of potato juice with cucumber juice proves quite effective in treating puffiness of eyes as well as dark circles.

Cool Tea Bags Over Eye